See a car that you like but have no idea how to import it to your country? Here's a general list of steps that is normally done to ensure the smooth shipment of your car from Singapore to wherever you are.

The general method of importing :

1. Let us know the vehicle and the budget you desire and your country.

2. Let us know which features and equipment levels you are looking for.
(ie; air conditioning, power windows, manual transmission, body color, etc.)

3. We will search for the vehicle. If a vehicle is found which differs from your order, we will cancel that vehicle and search again. (In case we don't have it in stock. Quality of the cars are never compromised at Allswell Motor.)

4. We will send you the photograph and information of the vehicle we find through email or personally give you a call. However, we require a handling fee if you need further detailed information about the vehicle.

5. If you like the vehicle, arrangements will be made to the following i.e; export, deposit and payment methods. Various payment methods such as F.O.B and Telegraphic Transfer are available so please do have a chat with our sales representative to find out more. We will not be able to process the vehicle further until the payment is verified.

6. After payments have been verified, we will proceed with the exporting procedures and book an overseas transport as soon as possible.

7. The vehicle will be shipped, and documents will be sent via Air Mail.

8. As soon as your vehicle arrives to your port, the conversions and the modifications required in order to meet safety and emission standards need to be performed. (This work will vary in accordance to your country. Japanese vehicles will be right hand drive models and speed meter will be in kilometers. )

9. As soon as the required modifications are finished, the vehicle will be sent your home. The vehicle will not be under warranty in your country. It is advisable that you join in a third party warranty company.
(We do not support any import procedure. The buyer is responsible for any necessary procedures, or any transfers, or any modifications for them to import the car.)

If you have any other questions or doubts, feel free to contact us at the following address;

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Lot A18 (Car Mart @ The Grandstand)
Singapore 287995

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